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Need a Custom Render?

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Haven’t found the exact model or 3D render on a transparent background that you’re looking for or need a custom render that is exclusive only for your projects and won’t be sold elsewhere? You’ve come to the right place!


Initial renders are $30 and subsequent renders are $25. There are no limits on the number of images you can request.

Images of couples are $55.


You’ll have the opportunity to approve the final look of your character before each render commences.

Lots of Options

Hair color & length
Body shape
And more!

Unlimited Renders

The great thing about 3D-rendered characters is the ability to have an unlimited number of images of your character in different poses and with different outfits and props.


Hiring The Artist

Custom exclusive characters are fantastic for:


  • when you can’t find enough images of a model. With 3D, you can have unlimited number of images of your character in different poses.
  • when certain models or images are over-used in your genre, and you want a custom-made character that no one else has access to.
  • when your character has unusual features or is a fantasy or scifi hybrid human that needs a custom look.
  • when you need images of characters at unusual angles or in dynamic poses, such as flying, etc.
  • when you really want a model that looks exactly like the character you see in your head.
  • when you want a branded look for a character that you can use across all your platforms: promo graphics, character cards, book covers, website graphics, book interior illustrations, etc.


My experience was fantastic! I had a very specific character, including face, hair, body language and outfit needed for a project and everything was seamless. I especially appreciated that I was never made to feel that my feedback and adjustments needed were annoying which made me more willing to ask for what I really needed. Very professional and the final product was amazing!

 —Jamie Dalton, Magnetras Design

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